Парапланеризм в Индийских Гималаях (Higher Ground: Paragliding in the Himalaya) HD

Парапланеризм в Индийских Гималаях (Higher Ground: Paragliding in the Himalaya)
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Присоединяйтесь к Тому де Дорлодоту и Орасио Льоренсу в невероятном парапланерном путешествии по индийским Гималаям .

Выезжая с популярного места Бир / Биллинг, они сначала летят в Манали, затем пересекают перевал Ротанг и летят в Кейлонг. Затем они попадают в отдаленную долину Спити, где испытывают захватывающий полет на высоте более 6000 метров. Просто потрясающий фильм.

Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens go paragliding in the Indian Himalaya. Leaving from the popular site of Bir/Billing they fly first to Manali, then cross the Rohtang Pass before flying to Keylong. They then enter the remote valley of Spiti, where they experience some spectacular flying at above 6,000m. Stunning film, by Red Bull Media House


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Paragliding Journeys
Andrew Donnison
Sweaty palms but awesome
Safranpollen Goldfish
I was 40 years ago at the Spiti and Kulu valley, unforgetable, thanks for sharing!
shubhangi more
Amazing work
Aventure Et Compagnie
super coooooool
Aventure Et Compagnie
bhushan sohani
What a smashing film!!!
Thank you for sharing such an inspiration of what our flying carpets can enable us to witness & live a little like birds… ❤️
Awesome video!
This is amazing! laughlaugh

What stops them falling backwards? :/
Absolutely amazing. Himachal is my home site and it's first time anyone has presented in such a beautiful way.

Loved it ❤️. Going to share with all my friends asap.

Horacio and Thomas you guys are amazing.
Winston Smith
Incredible experience. I’ll never do that, but I enjoyed watching it.
Rodrigo Garza Cantú Díaz González
Ольга Кислова
In October 2013 a Russian pilot Alexey Druzhinin made a vol-bivoac fly round Spiti Valley and via the Rohtang Pass to Bir, 420 km in 8 days: Bir — Rampur — Kalpa — Kasa — Rohtang — Bir. It was his third attempt to fly this route, and he made it solo. He described his adventures in his blog (in Russian) and translated the story into English for the Cross-Country Magazine: I have also translated his blog here (https://kislos.livejournal.com/33654.html) Alexey is an excellent photographer, his photos from the bivoac in his blog Sorry for a long and incoherent comment, the film is cool =)
flinkostememniak grant
Too be able to cover so much ground with so little equipment and so little expense is truly amazing…
Gaadiid Kompanie
Riaz Ali
Excellent work all team love from Pakistan
Amir Aizen
Wow, what an incredible experience!!! Thank you so much for sharing
Paraworth Craig Papworth
Totally amazing Horacio. You do some of the most amazing flying on the planet. Awesome awesome stuff. Great work
Mind Blowing
Completely off the DEEP END
Eckhard Schaumann
amazing pictures! How big was the crew? Seeing pictures from above with both gliders in the air I am wondering if those shots have been taken by drones or by helicopter?
Drabs in WA
Peter Elliott
I did that with my shoulder once. Now, 30 years later I still have a wee lump on my shoulder because the arm bone never really got back to where it should be. That arm is a bit lower lol. It works fine though and I'm still on top of my paragliding game at 60. So don't worry. Just one of life's wee 'tattoos' on your body. A way to remember those fun days when you're old. Keep up the vids my friends.
Alessandro Bianchi
super super nice!
Super beauty
Kick Ice Cocktails
Fantastic Amazing, Im blown away, thank you thank you thank you, Merci.
Zinios Box
Welcome to Himachal, I hope you had a great time in this beautiful state ✌️
Pole Star Himachal
This was amazing guys! Welcome to one the most beautiful state in India — Himachal Pradesh
This is def winning at life — awesome.
Ajit Mhatre
Tom And Horacio
Hats off to you both. So wonderful flights you had in Idian region!!! I stay in India and have flying near Kamshet Pune Maharstra state. Now I alos feel like going Bir Billing and have cross country flight. One more good thing about you is your photography and clearity beautifuly taken. Congratulations to both of you keep it up and when you are in India please give me call. My cell phone no. is +919322298867 My Name is Ajit.… Regards.
John Wagenhals
Unbelievable… that is the Dream!
Asheesh Pareek
Adventures and awesome. Great
Lama Norbu


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