На парамоторах через Америки [Полная документалка] HD

На парамоторах через Америки [Полная документалка]
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Это полнометражный художественный фильм «На парамоторах через Америки». Это история о двух друзьях, которые едут из Техаса в Аргентину в поисках приключений, но вскоре обнаруживают, что на самом деле ничего не знают о приключениях.

В чем истинный смысл приключений? Этот остросюжетный документальный фильм раскрывает истинное значение приключений.

Если вы хотите фотокнигу, посвященную этому легендарному приключению, посетите


Ознакомьтесь с полным ассортиментом футболок Paramotor здесь, чтобы стать частью приключения! Paramotor the Americas — это также бренд, который выходит за рамки приключений!

Этого фильма был продюсером и редактором Гленн Таппер.


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lol, those Peruvian border guards were 100% trying to rip you off. good on you for not putting up with their bullshit
Kevin Can Fly!
Amazing! What an epic journey!!! Sux you broke your back, but I’m glad you made it back. This gave me some idea of what I want to accomplish before I leave this life...
Dan Dimov
Wow Glenn Tupper it took you 7 years to edit the footage amigo, but it is even better now as it brings back great memories, when we were a bit younger and flying was all about passion of flight and new friendships and not so much about youtube fame! Amazing video flying brother and I hope to see you and Matt Minyard again! Excellente!!!
Adam Dowling
That was excellent, Glenn! Thanks for putting this together!
Justin Harper
This was awesome! Well done! Thank you for sharing
Jeff Goin
GREAT job, what a crazy adventure. You guys are lucky humans to have had the opportunity and the balls to go through with it. Thanks for sharing this way.
Good stuff man! Very cool that you did this and managed to capture so much of it on camera. Thank you for sharing!
Chad B
I dont know what to say....that was amazing. Absolutely loved it!!!
Fritz Neumann
Great video mate, what a road trip, what great scenery and memories for you, enjoyed the whole doco :)
Jason Parker
Great Job!
Mark and Alayna Huneycutt
Legend has it, Minyard's hand is still searching for that hand shake 49:47
Paramotor NC
Well done Glenn. An incredible adventure.
Luis Ruiz Kamikazes
Amazing history, my respect from Puerto Rico. Welcome any time here…
Joe Scheve
That was amazing! So many beautiful places!
Parajet International
Great adventure Glenn! Here's to many more!
Edwin Harvey
Que tremenda historia Glenn!!! La verdad es que nuestra amistad fue un regalo de esos que la vida te da cada tanto… tu espíritu de amistad y tu locura, permiten que estas cosas sucedan. Hay un mundo hermoso y maravilloso, donde los valores son la amistad y la alegría de vivir… muchos mirarán este video, encerrados en su lucha por tener más poder y dinero; y en lo profundo de su alma van a entender que la verdadera riqueza está en esos momentos que te llevas para siempre en tu memoria. Vivir no se mide por la cantidad de veces que respiras; sino por las veces en que pierdes el aliento! Un abrazo querido amigo!!!
Amazing feat Glenn!!! My hat off to your determination to accomplish what you set out to paramotor the Americas. Beautifully documented the whole trip. What an awesome journey!!!
Luca Marconi
hey guys great great great adventure… what for your new project
Nagarjun Koujula
Great Thought and Execution!!!
Marco Ferchl
awesome adventure mate!!!
B Smith
Pretty cool!!! Thanks for sharing.
Wednesday Karting & Flying Club
WOW. What an adventure. It’s what we were made to do!!! Thanks for taking us along.
Cloud Chasers
Awesome documentary. Great to see not just the flying but the culture as well. Thanks for taking us on this trip with you. The 2 most important days of your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why- Mark Twain. You found yours Glenn.
Hey Glenn, that was amazing brother. Gotta take off my hat to you for coming back after your injury, after so much time had past and for doing it almost totally alone on the way back!!! That was badass man. Going it alone and making so many friends and apparent lifelong connections is not easy. Of course, that's not even mentioning overcoming the injury. You're a good man and it's easy to see why, especially with so many people befriending you along the way. Great story, great video and great people. God bless you all.
Lucem Aspicio
I Am from Honduras and I find your experience really disappointing to sad those cops make you think this is not a good country beleive me there is a lot good places to fly in Honduras unfortunately you had that point of view of the country I do apologize for that Im really looking forward to get in to the sport out here, I wish you give yourself the opportunity to change your mind. maybe one day you can come back and fly over the bay islands or maybe ceiba, tela.
Andrew Herbert
That was exceptional! Inspirational! Brilliant! One of the best paramotor adventures you could ever hope to see. Absolutely fantastic!
Rich Vincent
This has got to be the best paramotor film on youtube, absolutely brilliant, loved it. Glenn Tupper, you are an inspiration. Had me gripped from beginning to end and the best thing is, that you've got me thinking about my own paramotor adventure! Thanks for sharing and that must have took some time editing!!! 7 years ago yet what a time to show it. Much needed amongst all this madness :)
Jeffrey Raglan
That was amazing Glenn! You’ve come a long way since learning to fly in South Korea. What an adventure and life long friends.
Dave Oller
Unbelievable job guys. Now I don't feel so bad buying a motor from you Matt. Great video, thanks.
Gary Lashley
Wow! Well done. Very inspiring.
Piyush Dahiya
Just wanted to say I've been following paramotoring for a while, and finally was able to commit and get training and purchase gear. It was so wonderful to see your journey! I've lived 3 years in Mexico City, and my mom now lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Will be definitely aiming for a trip soon once I get comfortable and confident with my gear! Really appreciate your video. And as you mentioned, its about the people you meet and the lives you touch!.
South Beach Miami Art
Great film! Will watch it many more times. How's your back doing? I had two spine operations for scoliosis. Definitely do another documentary in the future.
Awesome documentary of your amazing adventure. I'm sure that took a whole lot of time to edit. Thanks for the effort, really enjoyed it!
i have that same shelby t-shirt, and a shelby car, 2 cycle motors suck,they seize all the time or blow a hole in the piston but its the only engine that can keep the weight down for a back packing paramotor pilot. 4-stroke just too heavy to carry on the back. 4-stroke will get there someday soon if not already, I love the aero1000 swiss made 4-stroke go-kart engine but weighs 70 pounds or more, great on paramotor trikes though
Im surprised no one fired gun shots at you, especially El Salvador or Honduras
Fly Blue Sky Guy
Really enjoyed your full documentary. You could have easily decided not to complete the production, but we are so happy you did finish it. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Well done!
Dustin Blanchard
That was amazing. Thank you!
ADVENTURE BUM flying sailing camping & more
What a GREAT doco Glenn! Full of passion and adventure. You really know how to live the dream mate. I'm proud of you for jumping right back on the horse after busting your back. The danger and disaster are part of the adventur lifestyle. Editing is really good, I couldn't llook away! Good times and thank you for sharing ihem with us mate
The human-related danger factor escalated pretty quickly around the tail-end of Costa Rica, didn't it? Appreciate the positive attitude, You guys have a ton of mental fortitude to endure those hardships and still press on.

Criminally underrated video, but honestly the experience seems much more rewarding than internet clout/YouTube money.
So many cringe moments with the narration. But whats most disappointing is the complete disregard for helmet safety when flying, you clearly have helmets so wear the fucking things all the time
PPG Grandpa
Love it. Fantastic. And uploaded on my birthday too
Enrique Clunie-Astorga
Hello from Costa Rica! Glenn, what an amazing documentary! I laughed, cried and had every emotion in between while watching it. I had been thinking about learning the sport — just thinking — but after watching your film, I am now convinced. Thank you for the magic of paramotor flying that you share with all the viewers, but above all, for the incredible humanity you allowed us all to see in you. Pura vida, amigo! Enrique Clunie.
Derrick B
If you’re having a hard time finding a home for that paramotor there’s a much needed home in Stuarts Draft, Va. I got forced to be on disability because of heart problems and my mom just got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with acidies she has a couple weeks to live and all I wanna do is fly and hopefully for whatever little time I got to live…
JP Tulo
Glenn Tupper, you are my hero! I’ve seen this vid before, but it seems every time I watch it, it’s better than the last! I’m currently glued to the SkyTrippers series. Keep the great content coming dude!!! If you’re ever in Ohio, let me know. You’ll have a place to stay and a great group of guys to fly with
Can someone explain the mechanism behind the accident? Why did it happen, and how can it be avoided? As someone who is interested in getting into the sport, these kind of accidents makes me hesitate and think twice. Would that happen even with a beginners type A or B wing?
Bravo. What a film, pulled the zenith out for a random clean that it didnt need after watching this.…
Dillon Mech
Beware of the Fuck Tard Music… Hard to watch
Love your spirit it was truly inspirational!
Tears of joy
Wait so what was the story with the stolen Paramotors? You just sorta glazed over that… Someone stole them and then just called and gave them back?
John Johnson
What happened to Columbia? No Columbia?
Clayton Martin
This is so incredible, flying is undescribable even just flying here in Pennsylvania where I grew up but I can't imagine what it would be like to fly in other countries, thanks for sharing.
edilberto santana
Awesome documentstation ..Amazing.Thanks for putting this..together.Great Film.congratulations.
Philipp Marxen
this is a beautiful documentary of a truly epic journey, thanks a lot for sharing!
Michael Antonio
So young You guy's look lol.
Do van Wijk
Fantastic film of your adventure! What a small world, I even saw one off my friends Alex from Lima passing by!
One question remained: why did you skip Colombia?
Shawn Broman
Idaho Long Range Hunter
Awesome video!!! You should look into Hells Canyon Idaho/Oregon.
Great documentary and thank you for taking us on this trip with you.
Excellent video. Glen.
Beautiful documentary video.
Amac 4691
There’s not many paramotor film/adventures around so very nice to see, that was epic Glenn and Matt and the chap from England
Outstanding views and adventures, you guys Rock!!! Good work!
Y’all did what I was planning to do and my wish/dream trip!!! Wish I would’ve known yall and came along!!! Haha!!! so awesome!!! I’m so jealous of y’all. I’m so happy for y’all that got to do this, truly happy for you. Watching this made me feel so much joy for y’all.
Zero Fox
Med Otaku
I wasn't expecting that problem at the beginning… Wtf


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