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Подвеска с разделёнными ногами - инструкции по установке

от автора Air Sport Russia, 3 года(лет) тому назад
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Данное видео показывает все тонкие моменты установки и использования парамоторной подвески с разделёнными ногами. Подвески подходят на любую раму парамотора, любого производителя. Для более правильной установки подвесной системы на ваш парамотор, пожалуйста сверьтесь с инструкциями производителя вашей рамы.


Представляем - революционную концепцию - парамоторную подвеску с Разделёнными ножными обхватами - теперь это реальность. Мы в APCO наконец воплотили в жизнь идею, которая витала в воздухе уже долгое время - подвесная система для парамотора с разделёнными ножными обхватами, у подвески нет общепринятой сидушки, вес действительно абсолютно минимален, но комфорт и безопасность остались без изменений. 


This Video is a guide line to mounting the Apco split leg Paramotor harness on to any Paramotor frame.

For specific instruction on your frame, please seek advice with your frame manufacturer.


Here it comes - the revolutionary concept of Split Legs Paramotor harness finally is a reality.
We at APCO are proud to have brought to life an idea which has been in the air for a long time - a split-legs paramotor harness which would have no seatplate, weighing absolute minimum, but in terms of comfort and safety would exceed the standard classic paramotor harness.

Split legs concept for Paramotor flying opens new possibilities and sets new standard which will be quickly followed by many other brands.
Giving up on seatplate immediately allows for reduction of the weight by a half kilo at least. Absence of hard seatplate, makes it easier to create a design where power unit is closer to the body. Split legs seating holds much greater potential for improved weight shift - Great for Slalom flying.

PM harness gravity
Effortless takeoff and landing with gravity center moved closer to the back, makes the unit feel lighter.
No seatplate and Split legs arrangement permits undisturbed take-off run. No hard pieces bumping your thighs on launch which makes it way easier and far more comfortable.

Surprisingly, contradicting common belief, APCO designers were able to create a harness which is comfortable, above expectations and makes handling of the power unit on take-off and in flight far simpler and effortless.
The design is rich in options, attentive to the smallest details, with striking appearance of haute couture creation.

Only top quality materials were used, aiming for the best possible finish, comfort and style.