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HYBRID PARAMOTOR - официальное видео!

от автора Air Sport Russia, 9 месяца(ев) тому назад
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Ground breaking in design and in Flying characteristics the Hybrid Paramotor is Setting Future Standards!


A truly revolutionary design – The APCO Hybrid./Действительно революционный дизайн!

Due to the low weight canopy and hybrid profile design, front launch is easier than any other wing-guaranteed!
During the take-off run, the Hybrid tends to center itself above the pilot due to its outstanding roll stability.

Due to the relatively slow nature of the wing and its efficiency, the landing approach is flat and controlled. The flare is as efficient as a school wing. Landings with Hybrid become less intimidating and much safer!

UNBELIEVABLE, it is like after every wing over, turn, bump the wing breaks the rolling motion exactly overhead! The exposed ribs act as fins which break the roll movement unlike anything else you have tried.

Efficient with light brake pressure! It is fun and responsive, yet requires no corrections or experience as even the sharpest turn comes directly back into straight flight.

Very very low! On a classic profile, the brakes need to be applied against the internal pressure of the wing. With the Hybrid, as with single skin designs the brakes create only drag and therefore are much more efficient. This wing feels accurate and precise, the brakes are progressive and constantly transmitting the air around you.

I have never flown such a wing – you must try it to believe it!

The best thing that happened to pilots searching for the safest, easiest wing for cruising around, enjoying relaxed flying experience.

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