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Apco Softlink - карабин софтлинк

от автора Air Sport Russia, 10 месяца(ев) тому назад
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Простые софтлинки или верёвочные карабины. Весят 5 грамм и выдерживают нагрузку 3250 кг. Это альтернатива обычным карабинам. 

Closing instructions for the Apco Softlink Karabiner (Large).
The Apco Softlink Karabiner is a lightweight (5gr), super-strong (3250kg) alternative for flying karabiners.
Made from the finest quality dyneema fibres available, resulting in it being is stronger than our strongest Steel and Aluminium Karabiners. It is in fact so strong that we could not break it in our test bench in its normal use configuration, and had to test it as a single loop.

The softlink can also be used to link reserve bridles to harnesses, provided necessary steps are taken to ensure that friction damage will not occur in a shock opening. This can be done by locking the parts in place with O-Rings, or with Silicone Tape. We recommend using it in triple looped configuration for reserve bridles where possible.