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Мы, APCO Aviation хотели бы поздравить Ярива Бен-Товима (YARIV BEN-TOVIM) и Сегева Барама (SEGEV BARAM) с установлением Нового Европейского рекорда высоты для аэрошютов !

Пара не допустила ни каких компромиссов в выборе летного снаряжения и их выбор абсолютно лучшее для достижения поставленных целей  :: APCO LIFT PPC :: Спасибо друзья за выбор снаряжения APCO !

Ярив и Сегев записали своё достижение на видео (выше).

Это небольшая история полёта от Ярива:

"Over the last few years, Segev and myself, studied the topic of high altitude flights and made multiple attempts where with each flight, the bar was raised by a few thousand feet.

For our last flight the goal was set at 20,000 feet MSL or as high as our equipment would take us. If we succeeded, this attempt would also break my previous Israeli height record of 14300 feet MSL.

We prepared the special equipment for the task that included warm and wind proof clothing, heated gloves, body warmer bags and Oxygen. Special clearance from authorities was required to make sure we do not meet any other fast planes on our way up.

For the wing, we chose the Apco LIFT PPC as the most efficient wing with best climb ratio.

Our Rotax 912 ULS equipped Powrachute Airwolf PPCs were not altered in any way in preparation for the flight. These are the same PPCs we use daily when we give flight lessons and fly across the country.

A few scheduled days ware set and canceled, until eventually, on June 3 2017, we had the perfect weather with no wind all the way up to our goal altitude.

Takeoff was with first light, when temperature is lowest, using the higher air density for maximum efficiency. Our takeoff field is at sea level and very close to the Mediterranean Sea.

The climb took about 1 hour and 30 minutes until we reached a point where climb ratio was almost 0 with max engine power. After reaching the record height and taking some pictures, we shut off the engine and enjoyed a 30 minutes glide, perfect views, and silence that was followed by the intoxicating feeling of achievement.

We achieved our goal and broke not only our personal records and the Israeli height record, but also the European PPC record, reaching 19,203 feet above sea level (5,853 [m])!

The LIFT PPC enabled us to have the best climb rate possible and we could not have achieved this feat without the advantages of this wing.

Already thinking on ways to reach new heights "


TYPE OF AIRCRAFT: APCO Lift PPC - Powrachute Airwolf 912

Новый Европейский рекорд высоты на аэрошюте АРСО