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  • Подробнее про универсальный кокон - https://airsport.ru/catalog/accessories/forharness/pmpod

    Присоединение 00:30
    Регулировка 10:03
    Регулировка юбки 10:17
    Тяга / Угол наклона 11:40
    Лётные хитрости 12:08
    Акселератор 12:47
    Запасной парашют 13:28

    Разработана что бы подходить под любую моторную подвесную систему существующую на сегодняшний день на рынке. Отлично подходит для зимних полётов или для маршрутных полётов для пилотов которые ищут комфорт, скорость и аэродинамику. Кокон можно присоединить и на свободную подвеску, следуя тем же инструкциям, что представлены в данном видео.

    Designed to be universal and can fit the majority of harnesses and frames currently on the market. A desirable upgrade for Winter flying or any cross country pilot looking for an edge in comfort, speed and aerodynamics.

    The Pod can also be attached to free flying / Paragliding harnesses following the same instruction and precautions detailed in the user manual.

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  • Простые софтлинки или верёвочные карабины. Весят 5 грамм и выдерживают нагрузку 3250 кг. Это альтернатива обычным карабинам. 

    Closing instructions for the Apco Softlink Karabiner (Large).
    The Apco Softlink Karabiner is a lightweight (5gr), super-strong (3250kg) alternative for flying karabiners.
    Made from the finest quality dyneema fibres available, resulting in it being is stronger than our strongest Steel and Aluminium Karabiners. It is in fact so strong that we could not break it in our test bench in its normal use configuration, and had to test it as a single loop.

    The softlink can also be used to link reserve bridles to harnesses, provided necessary steps are taken to ensure that friction damage will not occur in a shock opening. This can be done by locking the parts in place with O-Rings, or with Silicone Tape. We recommend using it in triple looped configuration for reserve bridles where possible.

  • Красивый ролик от Пола Хаксби и Роджера Финнегана (Paul Haxby and Roger Finnegan) о полётах на парамоторах с парапланами APCO Force 2 над просторами Сноудонии (Snowdonia) в северном Уэльсе (North Wales)

  • Небольшой тест параплана APCO Vista 3 от анапских пилотов. Про параплан - http://airsport.ru/catalog/pg/vista3

  • Параплан для начинающих АРСО Karisma

    Подробнее про крыло - http://airsport.ru/catalog/pg/karisma


    As it's name suggests, the KARISMA is a wing with a personality of its own.

    It is the type of wing which takes all the advantages of paragliding and emphasizes those advantages to complete the best flying experience for beginner to intermediate pilots.

    The KARISMA is the Evolution of the Karma EVO. It possesses all the Karma virtues but has been fully redesigned from the ground up, and presents significant improvement in all aspects to be a worthy addition to APCO's range.

    Constructed with the students in mind, and instructors feedback - it is super easy glider to fly - Simple and straight forward.

    A new specially developed APP type profile (Sharknose) was used.
    Our APP profile is instrumental in contributing to the safety of the wing by increasing and retaining internal pressure of the canopy across the entire speed range. It is a big step in passive safety, but an even bigger step in providing the pilot with an exciting flight experience. KARISMA is well balanced, combining excellent handling with outstanding performance and pilot friendly behavior.

    Three line construction that converges into a clean and simple to understand 3 leg riser makes inflation and ground handling a breeze - no messy risers and lines tangled in reverse launch anymore. For students, an accelerated learning curve is guaranteed. Safely getting them into the air and flying sooner than ever before.

    TAKE OFF – effortless and intuitive. The 3 leg riser dramatically simplifies things for the beginner. Front launch or reverse is always easy with the APP profile (shark nose), The wing will rise slowly and controllably overhead allowing time to glance up and safely take-off.

    LANDING is a breeze as the KARISMA is incredibly stall resistant and flaring will slow you down almost to a standstill!

    THERMALLING – the glider will bank into a coordinated turn and pull itself into the core almost automatically. This is by far our best thermalling EN A wing ever and this will be evident when students attempt their first cross country flights, encouraging them to progress and evolve in the sport to the next level.

    PERFORMANCE – Glide at trim speed is among the best in its class, but the real advantage is when applying the speed system. Through its entire acceleration range, KARISMA will efficiently cut through the air with minimal sink rate. Adding both performance and another level of safety for EN A wings.

    PILOT FEEDBACK– simple to understand is how to summarize the KARISMA. The wing is both reassuring and precise in its pilot feedback. It is a forgiving wing for beginners, and when directed correctly, it will immediately respond without hesitation.

    CONSTRUCTION - According to Apco's legendary tradition for durability - the construction of the wing is bullet proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand the students abuse for as long as necessary.

    KARISMA is fun to fly and will excite its pilots long after out of school. It is the best glider for both instructors to teach on and the pilots to progress with.

    KARISMA Paramotor
    KARISMA is available in paramotor version too. The wing was designed bearing paramotor pilots in mind and thoroughly tested under power.

    The KARISMA overall behavior has pronounced advantages, such as, short take-offs even in nil wind inflations, with high fuel efficiency and exceptional stability.

    The KARISMA offers the ideal solution for paramotor schools and pilots who choose APP profile, non-reflex wing or require EN-A certification for schooling.
    (Delivered as paramotor version with purpose built paramotor risers on request)

  • Полностью сертифицированная в EN и LTF новая подвесная система от АРСО Aviation - SWIFT. Подвесная система SWIFT вершина линейки маршрутных подвесных систем АРСО! Реальная комбинация механики и аэродинамики. 
    Почитать про подвеску - http://airsport.ru/catalog/harness/swift

    Fully EN and LTF certified - The Swift is APCO's top of the line cross country harness! A true masterpiece - combination of mechanics and aerodynamics. It is by far the most sophisticated harness we have ever made and the results are evident.

  • Небольшой тест Подвесной системы APCO SWIFT от пилотов Краснодарского края. Полёты в Анапе в бризе на высоком берегу. Подробнее про подвеску - http://airsport.ru/catalog/harness/swift