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Универсальный параплан для свободного или моторного полёта
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The APCO Thrust is one of the longest standing wings in our range. Thrust is a beginner/intermediate classic (non-reflex) wing, which is simple to use, safe and easy to progress with.  
It is universally liked and has withstood the test of time throughout the evolution of paramotor wings.

The Thrust V continues the legacy of the Thrust, but is a completely new wing - updated with latest technology available!

    • FAR ® – Flow Aligned Ribs - Thrust V is the first model to incorporate this feature ! It is the correct way to position the ribs of the glider - simply explained the tips will generate more lift!  This additional lift improves performance and more importantly, the safety and stability of the wing. More »

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  • APP ® – shark nose profile allows higher maximum speed while retaining a more constant internal pressure - the canopy is rigid, boosting confidence to novice pilots.
  • Butt holes 2 - as the name suggests, these holes will easily allow release of any sand or debris collected inside the canopy. More »

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Launch - SRS® aided risers will bring the wing overhead quickly and effortlessly with no overshooting, making forward launch second nature for any pilot. Redesigned, simplified riser, with 2 different attachment point options for any harness motor combination

Take Off and Landing - As easy as it gets, contrary to reflex profiles, the Thrust has a high lift, classic profile. This allows the wing to take off and land at the slowest speeds possible. The risers are cluster free, simple to operate and understand. This wing will be perfect for schooling as there is no simpler or quicker way to get airborne.

Handling - reconfigured - the wing is now more agile, quicker to respond with less brake pressure. The FAR® and Shark Nose allowed us to improve the Thrust V for sharper handling without undermining any other parameter.

Speed - the maximum speed of Thrust V is increased to up to 55+ [km/h] - outstandingly fast for this class!
This is due to the APP® shark nose profile which allows higher speeds without compromising safety.

Construction - built to last. APCO's legendary double siliconised cloth together with other lighter types of material will guarantee more hours of enjoyment than any other wing.
Lines - all sheathed for maximum protection in all conditions.

Paragliding - leave the trimmers closed and the Thrust V becomes a well rounded paragliding wing to enjoy both disciplines.

Schools opting for a non-reflex wing for students, will find Thrust V to be the perfect wing, making it easier for both the pilot and the teaching process.

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  • FAR ® - Flow Aligned Ribs - more lift, less drag. more »
  • Butt holes 2 - never carry sand or debris. Especially useful for beach flying More »
  • Risers - redesigned riser, with 2 different attachment point options for any harness motor combination
  • SRS ® APCO's exclusive Stall Recovery System for built-in passive safety, easier launch and low speed take-off more »
  • Flexon battens ® system design for ultimate durability - pioneered by APCO more »
  • Air Extreme Ball bearing pulleys (BBP) - for easy and smooth speed bar operation  more »
  • Replaceable trim webbing and kamet buckle for long-lasting, trouble-free service more »
  • MAG ® Magnetic Attachment Grid - Integral, built-in, Neodymium Brake Magnets with male/female connection, more »
  • Swivels on brake handles
  • Launch - spotless, on every hill, any time of the year - easier than ever
  • Ground handling - effortlessly positions itself overhead in no time and just hovers there waiting to accelerate into the air
  • Flying - smooth acceleration and immediate response to the engine's thrust
  • Handling – new brake arrangement for the best handling Total fun - precise and immediate
  • Safety - unshakable with well proven track record
  • Landing - very slow, plain and simple
  • Improved lateral tension for rigid feel and smooth ride
  • 20mm. riser for easier handling and reduced drag

FAR®, Flexon battens® , Butt Holes2® and SRS®, are exclusive APCO innovations, often imitated, never matched!!
For technology web page – click here


THRUST V Small Medium Large X-Large
Product Code 22610 22620 22630 22640
Cells 42 44 46 48
Area [m2] 27.3 29.3 31.3 33.3
Area (projected) [m2] 23.4 25.2 26.9 28.6
Span [m] 11.58 12.20 12.90 13.50
Span (projected) [m] 9.32 9.85 10.4 10.9
Aspect Ratio 4.91 5.08 5.31 5.47
Aspect Ratio (projected) 3.71 3.85 4.02 4.15
Pilot Weight (all up) P/M [Kg] 70-125 85-145 100-165 110-185
Pilot Weight (all up) P/G [Kg] 65-85 80-100 95-120 110-140
Canopy Weight [kg] 5.7 6.0 6.3 6.6
Root Chord [m] 3.03 3.03 3.03 3.03
Tip Chord [m] 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.58
Length of Lines on B [m] 6.6 7.0 7.4 7.7
Total Length of Line used [m] 399 413 432 472


Size Certification Type
THRUST V S DGAC certification pending
THRUST V M DGAC certification pending
THRUST V L DGAC certification pending
THRUST V XL DGAC certification pending


V-min @ optimum wing load 20 km/h
V-trim @ optimum wing load 38 km/h
V-trim off @ optimum wing load 47 km/h
V-max @ optimum wing load 55+ km/h
Min Sink @ optimum wing load 1.1 m/s


The Thrust V also received a general make over



APCO is traditionally known for using materials and building techniques which offer double and triple lifespan over the expected. The glider is made from tear resistant Ripstop Nylon cloth, which is P.U. coated to zero porosity and then siliconized to give the fabric high resistance to the elements. Different cloth is used for the top, bottom and ribs due to their different functions in an effort to reduce the weight to the minimum without compromising on durability.

The lines are made of superaramid covered with a polyester sheath for protection against UV, wear and abrasion.
The bottom section of the brake lines is made of Polyester because of its better mechanical properties. The Carabiners that attach the lines to the risers are made of stainless steel. 

Sail Cloth 42 g/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
L/E Reinforcement FLEXON® batten system
Warranty 3 years / 250 Hours

  Material Diameter [mm] Strength [kg]
Top Dyneema 1.1 95
Middle A/B/C/D Super Aramid 1.2 110
Bottom L/XL Super Aramid 1.8 220
Bottom S/M Super Aramid 1.5 155
Center Bottom (A/B) L/XL Super Aramid 1.9 320
Center Bottom (A/B) S/M Super Aramid 1.8 220
Brake Cascades Dyneema 1.1 95
Steering Line Polyester 2 85


Опция, THRUST V может поставляться в пончике (вместо стандартного рюкзака) (замена по запросу - бесплатно)

THRUST V, как и все парапланы фирмы APCO Aviation, снабжен эргономичным и комфортабельным рюкзаком с дополнительными карманами под шлем/ботинки, внутренним парапланерным мешком, стяжкой, небольшим набором для мелкого ремонта, ясным и полным руководством и снабжен гарантией на 3 года или 250 часов налета.